Love of God

The first and foremost commandment of God is to love Him with all your heart, soul, mind and strength.  We endeavor to practice this in our private lives and our public worship and service.

Love of Others

The second command of God is love your neighbor as yourself.  We endeavor to practice this within the church through fellowship and times of mutual spiritual enrichment.  We further endeavor to show our love toward others through practical community based ministry and involvement, financial support and volunteer participation in mission ventures, and through the personal commitment to kindness and sharing the gospel with everyone.

Love the Church

The church is the people of God gathered together for His glory.  We are compelled to love one another by God’s own love for us.  We believe that a practical understanding of love for the 21st century is, “You before Me.”  Therefore, we seek to show preference to others, and humility through our service to God and to one another throughout our lives.


Our method of baptism is to immerse the individual in water, symbolizing the death of our former sinful lives through burial with Christ in baptism.  Baptism is only meaningful for the one who has already personally repented of sin and who is willingly forsaking their past life for a new life in Jesus.  As such it is only appropriate for believers.

Church Membership

Fellow followers of Jesus Christ are welcomed to unite with us in kindred fellowship and Christian service.  There are three ways to join the church:

  • By Public Confession:  Those who wish to become members in this manner would publicly confess Jesus as Lord of their lives, and express their belief in the bodily resurrection of Jesus from the dead.  Our further expectation is that all candidates for membership by public confession would have already experienced believer’s baptism in the context of a community of faith with like beliefs and doctrines.
  • By Baptism: Those wishing to become members by Baptism would publicly confess Jesus as Lord of their lives, and belief in the bodily resurrection of Jesus from the dead.  They would also willingly desire to be baptized by immersion to show publicly their personal commitment to follow Jesus in a new life of righteousness and obedience.  Upon their baptism they would have the benefits of membership conferred upon them.
  • By transfer of their letter: Those who wish to become a member by transfer of their letter from a community of faith of like belief and doctrine will express their desire to unite with our church in a public forum.  Provided that the former faith community practiced baptism by immersion by believers, and taught in salvation by grace through faith in the work of Jesus Christ, and that the candidate was a baptized in that faith community, they would be accepted into our fellowship upon the receipt of a letter from their former church stating that indeed they were a member of that church.

The Lord’s Supper / Communion

All who profess Jesus Christ as Lord of their lives and who by their own admission believe in the atoning work of Jesus on the cross, and his bodily resurrection are welcome to participate in the sharing of the elements of the communion table when offered by the church.