God acts in His creation and among His children for His own glory. We are called, even commanded, to give Him praise and to worship Him in spirit and in truth. The Praise and Worship ministry is more than a musical production. Singers, instrumentalists, media techs, sound engineers, and videographers all work together to create an environment where the child of God can freely encounter the Spirit of God and embrace the presence of God in heartfelt communion and fellowship. This is also a time when the seeker can witness the people of God interacting with the living God in a powerful display of love and adoration. This ministry serves the body of Christ each week, and is expanding its ministry by using the internet and streaming services. We are always looking for gifted and willing volunteers to join this vital ministry. We invite you to join us in leading or in participating in praise and worship. Together we can experience God’s transforming power in times of Spirit led praise and worship.